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Get ready to learn everything about  marketing for a tech startups

Being a marketer at a tech company is a unique challenge. Become great at it!

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Why me?

I've been there, done that; then done it again, only better. I want to share what I know with other marketers:)

I've been in the tech world for the past 15 years working my way up from doing everything and anything on the marketing team - to heading my own team at a tech unicorn.

I've been unbelievably fortunate to work with, learn from, and get mentored by the best in the industry.

Admittedly, I have made or seen all kinds of marketing mistakes being made. But I've also built demand generation engines for B2B startup brands that had successful exits.

I'd love to share my very practical (and sometimes painfully earned) experience with you - marketers or starting entrepreneurs, as you build and grow your tech B2B brands! 

About me

I'm really great at

Growth Strategy for tech startups
Demand Generation
NY Sign
My Expertise

Helpful resources to get you started

Checklist: B2B Marketing Tech Stack Every Startup Needs 
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10 Golden Rules for DemandGen Marketer
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