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Services and Pricing

I'm on a mission to help as many marketers as I can reach. I post blogs and free downloadable resources to get you started. Follow me on Instagram where I regularly review use cases and share tons of useful information. I accept bookings for 121 individual consultations, however there is a very limited number of these I can do. Leave your request and I'll be in touch to let you know my next availability.


01 Consultation:
Demandgen Manager Beginner
  • 121 workshop session

  • Audit of your objectives

  • Personalized demandgen campaign ideas for a year

  • Content plan for a quarter

  • You'll receive an outline of everything we discus

  • You'll know exactly what you need to focus on to see results fast

  • All you'll have left to do is implement, measure and get praise 🏆



90-120 min


02 Consultation:
Rockstar B2B Marketing Campaign
  • 121 workshop session

  • Personalized marketing plan ideas and success metrics/ KPIs

  • Proven lead generation tactics

  • Proven brand development ideas

  • You'll receive an outline of everything we discuss

  • You'll have full understanding of how integrated marketing campaign works in practice

  • You'll be nicknamed a rockstar on your team 👑

90-120 min


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After a consultation with Elena - marketing strategy across all platforms for my client is as clear to me as ice! 

Anastasia Davidovic

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