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My Story


Who am I?

Great question. Let me try and describe myself in a few words...

Some highlights:)

  • I was born and raised in Siberia, yes... actual Siberia - cold, isolated and gorgeous place you see in movies 🥶

  • Came to the US for one summer as a student and fell in love with this country

  • My "I want it all and now" mentality took me through a time of having a full time office job, going to college full time while having a baby. I did it, but wouldn't recommend it to anyone...

  • I adore emojis 😂

I strongly believe and know for a fact that:​

  • There is absolutely no limit to what you can achieve - I started out selling t-shirts on a boardwalk, in 2 years landed my first job in a tech startup on Wall Street, in 5 years got my marketing degree, in 10 years was leading my own marketing team

  • Anyone can learn anything if they make an effort - along the way I've learned things from making henna tattoos, waiting tables to all about diamonds, from cross-border payments and fintech to nutrition and body building

  • It all starts with a mindset. Mindset = thinking= actions

What I value most:

  • Direct and candid feedback, open conversations

  • Following my dreams: big dreams, small dreams - it doesn't matter. 🌈 Life becomes boring and mediocre when we stop dreaming

  • I'm an awesome friend👯‍♀️ - verified over time and distance. Love all my friends and will move mountains for them!

  • My family always comes first ❤️

I write about:

  • Marketing, tech startup strategy, growth - what works, what doesn't and why

  • I write for other marketers who are starting out in the tech world

  • or who didn't have exposure to as many experiences as I did

  • or just want hear a different perspective on familiar topics

Connect with me

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